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Pragmatic AI for Right Here, Right Now

The flood of information about Artificial Intelligence (AI)—including its use in marketing—can be overwhelming. This Martech Chat offered insights on implementing AI right now to improve marketing efficiency and performance across your organization.


February 23, 2024Marketing leaders Tommi Marsans of Verizon Business Group and John McElhenney of helped our audience cut through the clutter of information on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to focus on the most important things marketers need to know to use it effectively and responsibly. Hear their expert insights, from getting started with AI to its role in enabling more personalized, 1:1 conversations with customers and more. 

Featured Experts

Tommi Marsans

Associate Director Business Transformation

Verizon Business Group

John McElhenney

Chief Marketing Officer

Meet the Experts

Tommi Marsans

Associate Director Business Transformation, Marketing Decisioning Science, Verizon Business Group

Tommi has more than 30 years of experience in marketing technology, which she has focused on blending technology with strategic goals. As the leader of AI Decisioning at Verizon Business Group, she has led the way in creating innovative solutions that adapt to customer needs across different channels. Tommi’s creative use of technology has earned her several prestigious awards. Outside of work, she enjoys Sci-Fi, especially Marvel and Star Wars, and has a large collection of movie memorabilia. 

John McElhenney

Chief Marketing Officer,

John is a marketing technology expert and writer and brings a wealth of experience, including leading the first launch of, which quickly became the world’s biggest ecommerce business. He is Chief Marketing Officer of, which funds various startups in the AI and entertainment spaces. Their initial project,, is a dedicated team focused on enabling AI for marketing and sales using currently available tools. Outside of work, John’s band, Buzzie, is gearing up to release their fifth album in March. 

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