Virtual bootcamp

MarTech Platform Fundamentals: Hands-On Training for Leaders

Hands-on training for marketing leaders to enable better leadership and communication with the basic understanding of various MarTech platforms and processes.


Session 1: Web 

Session 2: Email Automation

Session 3: Analytics


Date to be announced


WebEx video conference; meeting details will be shared via email



Boot Camp: What to Expect

You understand that tech and data is crucial to your team and the Marketing function, but you don’t have a deep knowledge of tech platforms. As a leader, you are not involved in the detailed execution of MarTech tools to fully understand the capabilities of these platforms and the data that is available to better understand and engage with your customers.

By attending this bootcamp, you will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of martech platforms for web development, marketing automation and analytics. This will allow you to communicate more confidently and comfortably with your team members about these platforms and capabilities. You will be better equipped as a leader to navigate organizational processes and further improve your professional development and growth.

Martech platform fundamentals: Agenda

This is a hands-on training boot camp for marketing leaders to enable better leadership and communication with the basic understanding of various martech platforms and processes. Please note it is not an in-depth training for hands-on marketing practitioners.

Session 1: Web

UX and web storytelling overview

Technical overview (SEO, tracking, site speed, optimization)

CMS overview and hands-on WordPress landing page demo (building/maintenance)

Session 2: Email Automation

Email best practices (deliverability, compliance, governance)

Hands-on email building in HubSpot and email metrics overview

Platform comparison and introduction to automated workflows/campaign architecture

Session 3: Analytics

Google Analytics overview

Introduction to dashboarding

Web analytics storytelling: UX optimization

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Google Analytics logo

key benefits and takeaways



We believe we can all learn from each other.

As such, our goal is to create an engaged community of thought leaders supporting one another in advancing their game.

Martechify is a forum series designed to elevate knowledge, capabilities, and execution depth for business leaders in transition to more advanced marketing enabled by technology and data. 

The forum series will feature interactive martech exercises based on proven success stories, and content will evolve and build to bring additional value upon repeat attendance. Future sessions will touch on subjects including harnessing data, tech architecture, organizational evolution, team resourcing, personal development, and advanced journey marketing strategies. 

Join the conversation and let us know how to make Martechify an ongoing destination that best supports your professional growth both personally and for your organization.

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