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Welcome to Martechify! We are a community of professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds joining together to share learning and insights around tech-enabled marketing. In each session, our experts share ideas, best practices, and success stories to help us all to stay current on cutting-edge innovations in an ever-evolving martech landscape. Martechify is your resource for connecting with other professionals to advance your skills and boost your organization’s martech game.

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Martechify is a meeting place for experts in marketing, data analytics, and forward-thinking businesses of all kinds. Our community is always growing and sharing new ways to engage customers with technology and data-driven practices. Our thought pioneers include leaders from all industries and a wide range companies.

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Become a Martech expert and join our team to shape the future of marketing. Unlock your potential by integrating cutting-edge tools and staying ahead of industry trends. Make an impact with us at the forefront of modern marketing strategies.

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Watch recordings of our past Martechify sessions to learn about a variety of martech-related topics, straight from the experts.

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Martechify - Integrative Analytics: Platforms and Tools. Featured Experts: Mark Chiles, Founder and CEO Chiles Co. Stephan Bajaio, Co-Founder and CEO VibeLogic
Martechify - Pragmatic AI for Right Here, Right Now. Featured Experts: Tommi Marsans, Associate Director Marketing Technology Strategist Verizon Business. John McElhenney, Chief Marketing Officer Iterativ.ai.

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