We believe we can all learn from each other.

As such, our goal is to create an engaged community of thought leaders supporting one another in advancing their digital marketing game.

Martechify is a forum series designed to elevate knowledge, capabilities, and execution depth for business leaders in transition to more advanced marketing enabled by technology and data.

The forum series will feature interactive martech exercises based on proven success stories, and content will evolve and build to bring additional value upon repeat attendance. Future sessions will touch on subjects including harnessing data, tech architecture, organizational evolution, team resourcing, personal development, and advanced journey marketing strategies.

Upcoming Events

Hear from industry experts. Share insights with marketing leader peers. Discover martech best practices to apply to your business.

February 10th, 2022

Virtual Forum

CDPs in Action: Essentials for Implementing a Customer Data Platform

Ongoing: Dedicated Deep Dives

Intensive Sessions

Interested in platform and/or topic-specific sessions?

Past Events

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November 18th

Virtual Forum

CDPs Demystified: The Source of Truth for Customer-Driven Marketing

October 7th

Virtual Forum

Adtech: Emerging Trends and Methods

August 26th

Virtual Forum

Advanced Audience Segmentation: Leveraging Powerful Data

June 3rd

Virtual Forum

The Role of Martech at the Intersection of Marketing & Sales

March 25th

Virtual Forum

From Thriving to Surviving: The Role of MarTech in Post-COVID Recovery

February 18th

Virtual Forum

Content Marketing and Personalization: 2021 Outlook

November 19th

Virtual Forum

Content Marketing Outlook: Strategizing for 2021

October 22nd

Virtual Forum

Personalization: For Web and Beyond

September 17th

Virtual Forum

Filling in the Gaps: Building Smarter Campaigns With Better Data

August 6th

Virtual Forum

Advanced Campaign Architecture: Activating Multi-Channel Journey Experiences

June 25th

Virtual Forum

Connecting Customer Experiences: Advanced Campaign Architecture

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