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Pragmatic AI for Right Here, Right Now

Marketing leaders Tommi Marsans of Verizon Business Group and John McElhenney of helped our audience cut through the clutter of information on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to focus on the most important things marketers need to know to use it effectively and responsibly.

Pragmatic AI for Right Here, Right Now

Hear their expert insights, from getting started with AI to its role in enabling more personalized, 1:1 conversations with customers and more.
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ABM/ABX: Real-World Insights

B2B sales and marketing is moving towards ABM (account-based marketing) and the even more advanced ABX (account-based experience) as their go-to revenue-driving strategy. Learn more about how to plan, implement and measure ABM/ABX campaigns in our first Martech Chat.

ABM/ABX: Real-World Insights​

Jordan Liebman of BlueJeans by Verizon and Laura Stevenson of Ascend Marketing discussed their recent campaign collaboration—using ABM and ABX to achieve key business goals. Hear how developing more personalized, highly targeted conversations improved sales enablement and performance.  
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