October 6, 2022

Martech: Delivering Next-Level Content Marketing

The right content to the right person in the right moment

Getting the “right content” to the “right person” in the “right moment” is becoming more sophisticated and challenging every year. Join us to discuss how you can uplevel your content using the latest martech, including personalization and AI.

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Martech Stack Evolution: Latest Trends

Join us virtually as we discuss how to best navigate, structure, and optimize emerging marketing technology platforms and data tools.

Upcoming Topics

We have much more planned for 2022, but we would love to hear ideas from you! Let us know what you would like to see in an upcoming Martechify session below:

Deep Dives

Do you and your marketing team want to discuss a topic in greater detail with us? Ask us about setting up a custom deep dive session, where we bring in experts to discuss a topic of your choosing. You can request a custom deep dive below:

September 2022 Burst

Join the Conversation
on October 6th

Join our panel experts Penny Hill, Khoros; Marie Martin, AxleHire; J.P. Maxwell, Tipit; and Stephanie McArthur, Demandbase for a virtual, informative session on October 6, 2022 starting at 8:30 AM CT. See you there!

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Our Previous Session

Watch our session from May 19th, in which our experts explore how to recruit, retain, and enrich outstanding modern marketing teams. Darren Atkins of Sabre Corporation, Ali Rastiello of Health Catalyst, and Sujoy Chandra of SiriusXM discuss.


Martech is a work in progress, constantly evolving to meet user and customer demands. We’ve put together some informative resources to help you navigate the shifting new technological landscape with confidence.

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