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Advanced Audience Segmentation: Leveraging Powerful Data

August 26, 2021 — Martha van Berkel of Schema App, Chad Milligan of Frontier Communications, and Theresa Kushner of NTT DATA Services shared how their organizations are currently utilizing data to extract actionable insights tied to consumer behavior. 

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Martha van Berkel Headshot

Martha van Berkel

Chief Executive Officer

Schema App

Chad Milligan Headshot

Chad Milligan

Director of Marketing Analytics

Frontier Communications

Theresa Kushner Headshot

Theresa Kushner


NTT DATA Services

Framework: Alignment on Advanced Audience Segmentation

When we say advanced audience segmentation, what does that really mean? Modern technologies provide organizations with more fine-grained management and modeling of their audiences and segments. The following framework was established at the beginning of our discussion to align on how to define approaches for advanced audience segmentation.

The Stages of Segmentation

Our experts shared the following insights on how to leverage data to drive data-driven marketing strategies within your organization:

Defining a New Era of Segmentation:

Utilizing Dynamic Data for Segmentation:

Graph technology and knowledge graphs allow you to define relationships to gain insights and answer future questions so your organization can continually delight your customers. You can execute this by:

Key Points for Building and Executing Your Segmentation Scheme:

Framework and Discussion: Results-Driven Channel Integration

Each of our experts discussed the unique ways their organizations have been utilizing data to develop advanced audience segmentations and dynamic content strategies. Here are the key takeaways they shared:

Kushner: Make sure the segments you allow to enter your marketplace are segments that you care about, but you also must make sure that if they’re not producing for you, you must eliminate them quickly.

Milligan: When developing your segmentation schemes, keep your customers front of mind. We all develop the perfect buyer journeys we hope our customers will complete, but at the end of the day our customers are the final decision-makers, so we must be flexible enough to continually adjust our segmentation scheme to align with the actions our customers are taking.

van Berkel: Segmentation is all about delivering the right message of the right length to the right person at the right time. Organizations should be future proofing their strategies and tech to answer future questions. By structuring your content in a common vocabulary and defining those relationships, you can start gaining insights and asking future questions which allow any team within your organization to delight your customers.

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