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Connecting Customer Experiences: Advanced Campaign Architecture

June 25, 2020 — The inaugural session features live insights from martech leaders, Adnan Khaleel of Dell and Sunny Yarrish of Essilor, on the strategies and technology required to design advanced campaign architectures that deliver more engaging customer journey experiences. 

Featured Experts

Adnan Khaleel

Adnan Khaleel

Senior Director and Global Sales Strategist, HPC and Artificial Intelligence


Sunny Yarrish

Sunny Yarrish

Associate Director of Channel Programs


The Need for Something More

Organizations today are working on advancing their marketing strategies, applying automation to responsive campaigns that engage customers more powerfully and ultimately achieve higher ROI. This challenge was introduced during the session to describe the need for something more — advanced campaign architecture.

Watch the full recording to hear how martech leaders strategize their campaign designs to deliver more engaging customer experiences.

Campaign Strategy: Start Smart — Don’t Try to Boil an Ocean

As mentioned in the video recording, there are multiple approaches to tackling the deployment of advanced campaigns, but what is a good starting point? The recording features the strategy framework presented below: a chart that helps campaign managers prioritize architectural levers by potential impact and deployment readiness. The number of plus signs that are added to the chart for each architectural lever are determined by a) its potential impact and b) how readily deployable it is based on current tools and resources. The first row is filled out for “Multi-Step Campaign Design” as an example to demonstrate the exercise.
Architectural Levers Chart

Let’s Practice: Advanced Campaign Architecture

For hands-on experience with designing advanced campaign architectures, we’ve created a sketchbook with tools and methods that will help you get started. Download and use the Advanced Campaign Architecture Sketchbook to tactically map touchpoints and data signals for your campaigns.

Watch the Recording

For more insights and takeaways from the session, watch the full recording here:

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