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The Role of Martech at the Intersection of Marketing and Sales

June 3, 2021 — Martech experts— Allison Cerra of Alkami Technology, Jarrett Hollier of Dun & Bradstreet, and Dana Centola of Sabre— shared how their organizations are currently utilizing their martech stack to support the handoff between Marketing and Sales, as well as their visions for further expanding processes that enable attribution and accountability between the two departments. 

Featured Experts

Allison Cerra Headshot

Allison Cerra

Chief Marketing Officer

Alkami Technology

Jarrett Hollier Headshot

Jarrett Hollier

Vice President of Digital Marketing

Dun & Bradstreet

Dana Centola Headshot

Dana Centola

Senior Manager of Product Marketing


Framework: Martech Dimensions to Reach End-to-End Engagement

What should the intersection of Marketing and Sales look like? Is it a seamless relay or malfunction junction? The following framework was established at the beginning of the session to align on the five key dimensions of reaching end-to-end prospect and customer engagement with martech.

Giving structure to the process

Martech can give structure and accelerate the process of defining overall go-to-market strategy.

Equipping and Enablement

Martech platforms carry a lot of data and content which can be used for equipping and enabling a sales organization and the sales process.

Process and Automation

Martech is an automated toolset with multiple dimensions in which it can automate and accelerate processes and increase performance.

Data Capture and Insights

Martech platforms can capture a vast array of data and develop insights that are crucial in developing end-to-end engagement with the customer.

Performance Management and Optimization

By effectively utilizing martech platforms to the extent of their capabilities, processes can be continually monitored and optimized for improvement thus accelerating performance.

Marketing and Sales Processes: Martech in the Middle

Our experts shared the following insights on how to leverage martech to further align Marketing and Sales:

Create a stream of constant and recurring communication between Sales and Marketing.

Determine the right tech stack that is easily accessible for both Sales and Marketing.

Develop an overall marketing strategy that supports Sales and Marketing efforts.

Discussion and Takeaways: Advice from our Experts

Each of our experts discussed the unique ways their organizations have been re-strategizing to align marketing and sales efforts. Here’s how they summed up their advice:

Cerra: It’s a journey, not a destination. We will always be evolving on this, and continuing communicating because the buyer continues to shift, the technology continues to shift, and the relationship between Sales and Marketing continues to shift.

Hollier: When facing challenges and friction, understand that it starts with Sales in terms of growing the business and paying the bills. And if you can get into that mindset when it comes to collaborating with your sales team, then it becomes paramount in guiding those conversations from a marketing perspective. It is key to remember that your sales team is under a lot of pressure and that they carry a lot of weight for the company.

Centola: Making sure sales is a part of the process all the way along. Making sure there is validation and buy-in from the Sales team whether it’s a new piece of technology, or a process, or standing up a new form of communication. Making sure there is partnership along the way. By including them in the conversations, it is going to make crossing the finish line much easier if sales and Marketing agree and are on the same page.

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