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Marketing on the Road to Post-COVID Recovery

March 25, 2021 — Martech experts— Holly Moreland, Director of Customer Engagement Platforms and Martech at Hilton, and Brandy Butler, National Director of Marketing at Jason’s Deli— shared how their organizations pivoted to meet customers’ demands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featured Experts

Brandy Butler

Brandy Butler

National Director of Marketing

Jason’s Deli

Holly Moreland

Holly Moreland

Director of Customer Engagement Platforms and Martech


Framework: Maximizing Martech Through Recovery

The following framework illustrates how to approach an elevated martech strategy through an assessment of technological and organizational resources: 

Be prepared to make changes at a moment’s notice.

With the pandemic, the need for speed has become crucial in terms of utilizing your martech stack to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the current environment. Although staff and resources may be reduced, it is important to ensure customers’ needs and demands are met with both speed and efficiency— martech can help save valuable time through automation.

Implement your martech stack to assist in overcoming multi-faceted challenges.

Making crucial decisions on rightsizing and refocusing within the organizations to meet customers’ ever-changing demands is challenging. Martech platforms can help you keep consistent communication with your customers while also sharing the most relevant information regarding updated safety regulations.

Ensure precise marketing communications to aide in recovery process.

Plan for long-term sustainment and recovery by maintaining targeted communication in terms of:

Framework and Discussion: Advice From Our Experts

Each expert discussed the ways their organizations pivoted when the pandemic hit and how they utilized their martech stack to stay connected with their customers. Here’s how they summed up their advice:

Butler: In terms of our marketing, the pandemic and shift of business shined a light on how little data we had regarding our customers. It presented a huge problem and we realized how crippled we were in terms of data — we did not know who our dine-in customers were and what their buying habits were. This business shift exposed a huge hole in our data that we needed to fill and gave us the opportunity to do so.

Moreland: The road to recovery for us means we are relying on our people, our processes, and our technology as we approach the return to travel. We needed to constantly check in on these components to make sure they are being optimized and utilized in a manner that supports our customer experience and us operationally.

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