How to Build an A-Grade Martech Team

Discover staffing and resourcing best practices for assembling a top-notch, martech-savvy team.


May 19th, 2022 — During this Martechify discussion, three of our experts outline best practices for developing martech skills and building competencies in new hires.

In this session, Darren Atkins of Sabre Corporation, Ali Rastiello of Health Catalyst, and Sujoy Chandra of SiriusXM explain common considerations when integrating new and existing employees into an effective martech team. They outline what skills to look for in a prospective employee, as well as how to implement more efficient processes for onboarding and training.

Featured Experts

Darren Atkins

Darren Atkins

Marketing Director

Sabre Corporation

Ali Rastiello

Ali Rastiello

VP of Marketing and Sales Operations

Health Catalyst

Sujoy Chandra

Sujoy Chandra

Senior Director, Marketing


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