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Adtech: Emerging Trends and Methods

October 7, 2021

October 7, 2021 — Martech leaders addressed the recent and nascent challenges of finding and implementing optimal adtech solutions in our previous Martechify discussion. Experts Adam Cox of YETI and Nicolette Harper of Marriott International divulged how their highly distinct and diverse companies pivoted tactics and expanded reach during challenging times, thanks to the flexibility afforded by their respective adtech stacks. They shared their innovative processes and platforms—and how they got the entire team on board.

Featured Martechify Experts

Adam Cox

Director of Ecommerce, Data, and Analytics – YETI

Nicolette Harper

VP of Global Marketing and Media – Marriott International


Adtech implementation begins with a thought exercise exploring these questions:

Adtech answers the question: how will I identify and manage all relevant audiences and personas?
Once these have been sorted, adtech tools allow professionals the opportunity to:

Emerging Trends and Methods in Adtech

The adtech and martech landscape is dense and still rapidly growing—from about 150 platforms in 2011 to over 8,000 in 2020.

Adtech allows for segmentation of customers based on their specific interests and communities.

Adtech tools also provide businesses opportunities to be as programmatic—and therefore agile—as possible.

Discussion and Takeaways: Advice from our Experts

Both of our experts discussed the technical challenges and demands of implementing adtech, and despite their unique business needs had some similar tips. Here’s how they summed up their advice:

Harper: The biggest piece of advice is do not underestimate bringing your leaders along on your journey. Seek leadership buy-in toward building new tech and bring the rest of your team along to understand why and how change is happening. Becoming best friends with your Privacy and Legal departments will help manage necessary data agreements during the long process of building adtech.

Cox: Educating your executive team on what machine learning means for your company is rewarding but can be a challenge—be patient! Make sure your Privacy and Legal departments understand your adtech stack and how it satisfies their requirements by taking the time to build understandable system documentation throughout.

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