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Martechify is a meeting place for experts in marketing, data analytics, and forward-thinking businesses of all kinds. Our community is always growing and sharing new ways to engage customers with technology and data-driven practices. Our thought pioneers include leaders from all industries and a wide range companies.

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Are you or do you know someone who has insights to share about marketing strategies and martech solutions? Let us know if you would like to join our community and help us grow our ever-expanding repository of knowledge.

Our community includes professionals from varied industries and practices, and our topics are wide-ranging. Let us know if you are interested in speaking and contributing your expertise for any upcoming or potential session topic.


Our community of marketers and professionals is always looking for companies and leaders that share our vision of customer engagement driven by technology. You or your company can sponsor an individual event or become a partner to help coordinate and plan the trajectory of content ahead. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Reach out to us for more information.

Martechify was founded by and is moderated by Ascend Marketing, an avid continuing partner whose team provides website, content, and facilitation support as a service to the community. 

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Our experts know what it takes to make martech work. Join our regular discussions to understand the technology trends, best practices, and methods that matter most to marketers. Stay tuned for more information regarding upcoming Martechify events and speakers!


Martech is a work in progress, constantly evolving to meet user and customer demands. We’ve put together some informative resources to help you navigate the shifting new technological landscape with confidence.

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