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Martechify September Session Recap: Building Smarter Campaigns With Better Data

SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

September 17th, 2020 — To do martech right, we can all agree: it’s all about the data. Our September Martechify session featured a conversation with marketing leaders, Delci Organ of Nokia, Joe Quinn of NI, and Luke Mortensen of PayPal, on how to navigate, organize, and orchestrate powerful full-lifecycle data flows.

Featured Martechify Experts

Joe Quinn Headshot

Joe Quinn

Director, High Touch Demand at National Instruments

Luke Mortensen Headshot

Luke Mortensen

Director of Marketing Analytics, Global ROI and Americas at PayPal

Delci Organ Headshot

Delci Organ

Marketing Technology Strategist at Nokia

Big Data, Bigger Data Flows

With access to big data, organizations expect better campaign results. But the challenge is achieving a seamless flow of data across all platforms within an organization’s martech stack.

In order to effectively tackle data orchestration, we must look at the big-picture goal. During the session, we mapped out the approach below for a visualization of a data flow. Harnessing data requires identifying data points within an automation platform and determining how to feed the automation.

Data Flow Orchestration Map

Destination: Well-Harnessed Data

The expected result of well-harnessed data is to provide better insights for campaign optimization. Some buzzwords from the discussion that were used to describe well-harnessed data:

Connected | Curated | Accessible | Efficient

The Road to Get There…

The road to get to well-harnessed data can present a variety of challenges:

Data Mess: Cluttered data that may be unorganized and unreliable; no roadmap nor clear method of data infrastructure

Data Silos: Data that is only accessible to one department in an organization; people resources are not structured to support advanced data orchestration

Decisioning Islands: Collected data that is kept separate and isolated; no full view of the customer journey

Data Overload: Too much data; data architecture might not be designed to scale for higher volumes

Advice From Our Experts

Each expert demonstrated ways to resolve the data challenges captured above. Here’s how they summed up their advice on achieving seamless data flows:

To further explore expert insights and session takeaways, download the full presentation deck below.

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Up Next: Personalization for Web and Beyond

Martechify is all about continuous learning, and we can all learn from each other.

We created Martechify to be a growing and ongoing forum series with content that will evolve and build to bring additional value upon repeat attendance. We’ll continue the dialogue in our next session, “Personalization: For Web and Beyond.”

Now that you’re all caught up, we’d love for you to join the conversation.

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