Advanced Campaign Architecture: Activating Multi-Channel Journey Experiences

Learn how to synchronize your marketing channels to create seamless customer journey experiences.


August 6th, 2020 — In our latest Martechify session, we explored “Activating Multi-Channel Journey Experiences” and continued the dialogue around Advanced Campaign Architecture, a series topic that was introduced during our June 25th inaugural kickoff.

The virtual discussion featured a campaign framework from martech leaders, Ali Rastiello of Cornerstone OnDemand, Marie-Laure Carvalho of SolarWinds, and Pamela Brungardt of Terminus, on how to connect and optimize channels of communication when building multi-channel customer journey experiences.

Featured Experts

Ali Rastiello Headshot

Ali Rastiello

Head of Marketing Operations

Cornerstone OnDemand

Marie-Laure Carvalho Headshot

Marie-Laure Carvalho

Vice President of Marketing Technology


Pamela Brungardt Headshot

Pamela Brungardt

ABM Solutions Consultant


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