Content Marketing and Personalization: 2021 Outlook

Activate personalization strategies across your martech stack to deliver effective, relevant content in 2021.


February 18, 2021 — In our February 2021 Martechify session, we explored key industry trends in content marketing, as well as how marketing leaders have adapted to shifting expectations in content personalization.

The virtual discussion featured a conversation with martech leaders — Jessie Dawson of Autodesk, Kristina Alfano of ClubCorp, and Cecilia Pérez-Verdía of UTD Center for BrainHealth — on organizing digital asset management systems, collecting the right data for effective personalization, and matching content with the right audiences.

Featured Experts

Jessie Dawson Headshot

Jessie Dawson

Director of Content Technology


Kristina Alfano Headshot

Kristina Alfano

Director of Email Marketing and Personalization


Cecilia Pérez-Verdía Headshot

Cecilia Pérez-Verdía

Digital Brand Manager

UTD Center for BrainHealth

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