Martech Learning Tools to Boost Your Skillset

The exponentially-growing avalanche of new martech solutions can be overwhelming for marketing professionals. Fortunately, staying ahead of the tech curve does not need to be overly difficult or painful, particularly with responsive learning tools. For example, you can look at Intelligent’s list of the ten best online marketing courses to find tested tutorials that fit any schedule, prior skill level, and budget. Let’s explore some other options… 


Marketing Automation 

Knowing how to properly manage, personalize, and automate marketing content is arguably not an optional skill, and knowing the right techniques for your platform can help you make the most of your content. Today’s huge martech landscape means a proportionally vast number of online courses, with variable difficulty and quality. Here are a few good places to begin searching for helpful, relevant learning materials: 

    • The American Marketing Association (AMA) offers a digital marketing certification, with broad training that covers topics such as social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website optimization. 
    • For those in organizations looking to implement and optimize Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), the CDP Institute provides both pre- and post-purchase workshops, which can help marketers better understand the technology and how to use and implement your chosen solution. 
    • Courses on marketing automation are available on learning sites such as Udemy and LinkedIn, which cover both fundamentals and advanced concepts. See this list of five top marketing automation courses from Pete Thompson at Automational for more places to start. 


Marketing Analytics 

Of course, martech is not simply automation. For one, it is impossible to overstate the importance of good analytics in the practice of modern marketing. Well-trained analysts are able to ask the right questions of their digital marketing campaigns before combing through behavioral data for answers. Marketers of all kinds should have an understanding of marketing analytics, especially as newer tools can generate better insights with less effort.  

Skills in Google Analytics 4 are immediately useful—as the new suite of functions are particularly powerful, but especially because Universal Analytics support has ended. Some sources for courses that may help refine your analytical skillset include the following: 

    • With original and university-provided digital marketing and data courses, Google Digital Garage is a useful repository of martech knowledge. Many free courses are available alongside paid offerings. 
    • In addition to courses specific to its Engage platform, Marketo offers various learning materials relevant to digital marketers and those looking to sharpen data skills. 
    • Martech Alliance’s digital learning courses provide an insightful higher-level framework for learning how to develop martech strategy and build teams. 
    • Attending an in-person or virtual Martech conference is another great way to learn analytical skills from martech professionals. Similarly, you can attend discussions with martech experts on forums such as Martechify, sponsored By Ascend Marketing. 


Video Marketing 

Video has exploded in recent years—video ad dollars increased by a staggering 35% in 2021—with wide-ranging implications for marketing strategy. For a vast majority of businesses, video is an essential piece of overall marketing strategy because it engages customers better. For example, many customers respond positively to demos, how-tos, and explainers, among other types of videos that can showcase products in depth without the need for an in-person demonstration. With the advent of new video marketing tools, creating presentations, films, and even animations is much simpler. Nevertheless, it pays for any marketer to understand how video fits into the overall marketing landscape and how to use it effectively. 

Learning the functionality of your favorite video editing software is only one step in one’s video marketing education. For some low-to-no-cost courses on how to create strategic videos, look at Yen Cabag’s list of video marketing courses aimed primarily at beginners. In addition, for a deep knowledge of video marketing strategy, William Jepma of Solutions Review offers a diverse list of course options from popular platforms. All provide compelling examples of video marketing’s potential for boosting brand engagement. 


AI and Machine Learning 

Beyond data analysis, new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools are driving better marketing experiences by helping to curate content, write and proofread copy, and automate repetitive tasks. These solutions are evolving and proliferating so quickly—and revolutionizing the customer experience so thoroughly—that learning about this emerging family of technologies may no longer be optional. Fortunately, getting up to speed is reasonably straightforward and well worth the investment. 

Specialized university-sponsored courses, such as MIT’s “Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy” short course, offer an attractive certificate along with everything you need to know to get started with AI in digital marketing. Additionally, a wide variety of general and industry-tailored courses on machine learning and AI are available on popular e-learning platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and  

Being a martech expert now requires up-to-date knowledge of a range of fast-changing digital media best practices. Marketing automation, analytics and video – all now powered by AI – are all evolving daily. Fortunately, training availability and quality are evolving at a similar pace. Making time for learning is essential for organizations wanting to leverage their human and technical resources to provide better customer experiences. 


Keep Reading: Identifying Martech Skills 

Properly leveraging martech tools requires a wide yet particular skillset, which is why identifying applicants with the right profile of talents is essential. Some specific strategies and tech solutions can help eliminate uncertainties surrounding the hiring process and match companies with the best talent. 

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