CDPs Demystified: The Source of Truth for Customer-Driven Marketing

Discover ways to utilize customer data platforms to execute customer-driven marketing strategies


November 18th, 2021 —  In our previous Martechify discussion, two of our experts shared their experiences with creating profiles from customer data and their thoughts on transitioning to Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology.

Our martech leaders, Carrie Sinclair of Honeywell and Brian Prascak of Wawa, explained where martech succeeds and fails in capturing customer data, and how CDP tools can better segment and grow your customer base. They outlined instances in which CDPs may be useful (or perhaps necessary) for content personalization and collecting behavioral data, and explained why CDP implementation may be easier than you think.

Featured Experts

Brian Prascak Headshot

Brian Prascak

Director of Advanced Analytics,
Platform and Data Services


Carrie Sinclair Headshot

Carrie Sinclair

Vice President of
Customer Marketing for Performance Materials and Technologies


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